Often you are so used to your sofa that the very thought of changing it scares you. Why go through all of the hustle of

Want to Get Rid of That Old Sofa? What Are Your Options

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Often you are so used to your sofa that the very thought of changing it scares you. Why go through all of the hustle of introducing new furniture in your home, when you love your current set so much? The sad truth is that sometimes you have no other choice.

Though most high quality sofas are built to last for a good number of years, even they get damaged and worn out over time. There are few warning signs that you must not ignore, as they usually mean that your sofa is not usable anymore. Should any of these be present, do consider carrying out a waste clearance:

  • Worn down fabric over time, which makes reupholstering not worth it.
  • Unpleasant smell, such as when stored in a room with heavy smoking.
  • Cracked and faded leather that is difficult to replace.
  • Worn down cushions that are no longer comfortable.
  • Structural damage, which makes it unusable in your home.

Should any of these occur, it is best to consider replacing your sofa. The main question is how do you dispose of your old sofa in that case? There are a few alternatives that are worth looking into:

  • Donation – if the furniture is in somewhat usable condition, you can consider it for donation. Although you no longer want it in your home and you are ready to call a rubbish removal team to take care of it, someone else will in fact love the idea of refurnishing their place. Donating the sofa will get you rid of it, while helping the community at the same time. There are many charities that accept old furniture. Some of them even offer transport on their behalf, which removes the need for you to book a junk removal service. Donating a sofa set can make someone really happy, while freeing up space in your home for a better furniture set. It is a worthy cause that you should look into!
  • Give it away – despite the fact that you have no more use for your sofa, someone else in your community will find it perfect. You should look for options that will have it collected locally. There are online sources for giveaway communities that offer the best rubbish clearance alternatives. A few notable examples include Craigslist and Freegle, both of which have active users that can find a suitable home for your sofa.
  • Sell it – if your sofa is not in terrible condition, you might in fact make some money out of it. After all, what better way to dispose of an item you have prepared for waste removal than sell it and make some money out of it? There are many online auctions that you can use to sell your sofa. Pricing is very important. Do not ask for too much money, especially if your sofa is damaged. The main goal is to sell it, even for a small amount.
  • Dispose of the sofa – if you have exhausted all other options and still found no alternative for the furniture, you need to look into the only other rubbish removal option left – disposal. You have to do it legally and responsibly. It is worth it to hire a rubbish clearance company that is certified, as that way you know the furniture won’t end up on the side of the road or anywhere else unwanted, but be transported to a landfill. It is also the only way to ensure you not liable for any fines.

There are many alternatives for sofa clearance. Invest some time to research all options and pick the one that best works for you.