You need to be careful when hiring removal services because you can make mistakes that can cost you money and time. Moving house is a

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Removal Services in Putney

Moving House

You need to be careful when hiring removal services because you can make mistakes that can cost you money and time. Moving house is a stressful enough experience so you should not make it even more stressful by making mistakes you can easily avoid. Here you can find out more about the 5 most common mistakes first-time movers make. Avoid them and you will not have to worry about your move.

Not getting quotes from different removal companies

People in Putney tend to hire the first removals they find in the internet. This is the biggest mistake you can make when moving house. If you don’t hire a reliable removal company you can end up with a lot of damaged or lost items. This can cost you a lot of money and cause additional stress. You need to research the local removal companies before choosing your removals. Shop around for free quotes for removal services in Putney and compare prices.

Choosing a removal company based only on price

The next mistake to avoid is choosing a removal firm based only on price. It is a good idea to hire a company that offers cheap removal services but you should not settle for the cheapest removal service you find. Find out more about their services, what they include and how they will be carried out. Ask the company what services they offer and whether they can offer you a package deal. Learn more about your options in Putney before booking removals.

Refusing to get a free estimate

Most of the legitimate Putney removals will offer you a free estimate when you contact them. You should take advantage of this offer as they will give you a more accurate price for your house removal. There is no obligation required so you can reject the offers that do not correspond to your needs. Getting a free estimate will give you the opportunity to meet their staff and get an idea of how knowledgeable and efficient they are. Consider the fact that most removals will let you negotiate a good price for your removal.

Ignoring recommendations

The best way to hire a trustworthy removals is to get recommendations from family and friends. Don’t ignore them because they can tell you more about their experience and the removal process as a whole. Another thing to consider is online testimonials. Find out what people in Putney think about local removals companies and how their removals were carried out. Beware of reviews that are not written by real customers. Many companies in this industry write negative reviews for their local competitors in order to get more clients. Talk to real people who have really used a removal company and are pleased with their service and prices.

Not asking the movers the right questions

To avoid costly mistakes you should ask the companies you are researching all the questions about the removal process that come to your mind. Learn more about their staff whether they are experienced, insured or fully-vetted; ask them about the process in detail in including how long it would take them, how many people they will need to carry out your house removal, etc. You should also know whether they are members of any organisation such as the British Association of Removals, the National Guild of Removals & Storers and International Association of Removals. Keep in mind that non-members charge lower prices for removals while members of these organisations are guaranteed to deliver high quality services at a higher price.

Get familiar with all the aspects of the process before committing yourself to completing your move. You need to be organised and prepare for the removal if you want to avoid making mistakes. You never know what can go wrong so you can minimise the chances of getting unpleasant surprises by making the right decisions. To save yourself extra costs and stress follow this guide and you will have nothing to worry about. Removals can be seamless if you know what you are doing.